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Nîmes amphitheater © Krzysztof Golik Nîmes © Krzysztof Golik Nîmes Jardins de la Fontaine © VF Nîmes la Tour Magne © C.Recoura Nîmes amphithéâtre © VF
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Nîmes, a brilliant Roman city

Discover the city of Nîmes, a city steeped in Roman heritage. Thanks to its status as a Roman colony, Nîmes flourished under the rule of Augustus from the 1st century BC. This rich and thriving city nurtured Roman ingenuity, still visible today through its iconic monuments.

Pont du Gard, Engineering Masterpiece

The spectacular Pont du Gard was part of a 50-kilometer aqueduct that showcases the remarkable science of the Romans. Water was conveyed from the Fountain of Eure near Uzès to the Castellum Divisium, a circular basin with a diameter of 6 meters.

Nîmes Arena: In the Time of Gladiators

Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the gladiators by visiting the well-preserved Nîmes roman Arena, still used for shows, music concerts during the Nîmes Festival in summer, and bullfights that are highly popular during the Ferias.

Maison Carrée and Temple of Diana

The Maison Carrée is a perfectly preserved Roman temple, as is the Temple of Diana nestled in the beautiful Jardins de la Fontaine. They evoke the opulence of the Roman era and the importance of ancient religion.

A Medieval History

The medieval period also left its mark through the Cathedral of Notre-Dame and Saint-Castor. The following centuries also saw the construction of magnificent private mansions by the local nobility and wealthy bourgeoisie of the city.

Carré d'Art in Modernity

Carré d'Art is a space dedicated to contemporary art, housing captivating exhibitions in a remarkable modern building, offering a striking contrast with the city's ancient past.

Nîmes Feria: Celebration of Bullfighting Culture

The famous Nîmes Ferias, of which the Pentecost Feria is one of the most important in Europe, attract millions of visitors each year with its lively bodégas, bullfights, and festive traditions.

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Fontaine de Cérier
Charming bed and breakfast

Two charming guest rooms in a bucolic house amidst vineyards and fields, at the foot of the medieval village of Castillon du Gard, a stone's throw from the Pont du Gard. Swimming pool, garden, gourmet guest table. Nearby: Pont du Gard, Uzès, Gorges du Gardon, Nîmes