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Bed and Breakfast in the Cevennes and close.
The Cevennes are a mountainous region that forms the southeastern boundary of the Massif Central. Northwest and the Gard and southwest of the Ardèche, the Cévennes have a Mediterranean climate, very similar to that of Haute Provence: a hot summer, sometimes torrential rains in autumn and winter more stringent that it is at altitude. The limestone is very clear everywhere in the landscape in the mountains and traditional houses. The Cevennes National Park created in 1970 protects an exceptional natural heritage, where lovers of nature, beautiful scenery and local produce is better off. Ales is the capital of the Cevennes, but Anduze, Le Vigan or Bessèges Gard are all gateways in the region for your holidays. In the Ardèche, we also quote the towns and villages Ruoms, Joyeuse, Bessèges, Les Vans.

La Bastide d'Aguyane
Bed and breakfast

Five guest rooms in a former silk factory from the 17th century I he countryside, in the village of Faugères between Joyeuse and Vans.Table guest, garden and pool. - Nearby: Ardèche Méridionale, Cévennes, Les Vans, Joyeuse

Le Bourdet
Charming bed and breakfast

Four comfortable and spacious guest rooms in a beautiful hause at the limit of the Ardeche and Gard, between the Ardèche Gorges and Cevennes. Terraces, beautiful view, swimming-pool, dinner. - Nearby: Ardèche méridionale, Barjac, Gorges de l'Ardèche, Cévennes

Les Cessenades
Charming Bed and breakfast

Four beautiful spacious guest rooms in a large property of 24 hectares of nature, near a swimmable river. Also accommodation in yurts or trailer. Dinner. - Nearby: Cévennes, Alès, Florac, Mont Lozère

Lou Couradou
Bed and breakfast

Five guest rooms labeled trek home into a house ardèchois character of the 18th century, Grospierres Stages of straw and paint. Writing workshop. Dinner. - Nearby: Gorges de l'Ardèche, Ardèche méridionale, Labeaume, Cévennes

Le Domaine Fayet
Charming bed and breakfast

A spacious suite and a charming room in a guesthouse on the edge of the medieval village of Sanilhac, located between Joyeuse and Largentièrein southern Ardèche. Massages, dinner and pool - Nearby: Largentière, Joyeuse, Ardèche Méridionale, Cévennes

La Grande Mademoiselle
Charming Bed and breakfast

Three superb guest rooms in classic style of the mansion of Allamel Bournet in the village of Joyeuse in Ardeche Provence. Tearoom. - Nearby: Joyeuse, Cévennes, Ardèche méridionale, Gorges de l'Ardèche

Le Moulin de Courlas
Charming bed and breakfast

A suite and two charming guest rooms in a restored nest to a small river between, between Barjac and Uzès, near the Ceze and Ardeche Gorges. Pool. - Nearby: Barjac, Gorges de la Cèze, Gorges de l'Ardèche, Cévennes

La Seigneurie de Naves
Charming Bed and breakfast

In Naves, a beautiful medieval village of southern Ardèche, four guest rooms in one of the oldest houses of the village. Pool and contemporary art gallery. - Nearby: Les Vans, Cévennes, Ardèche méridionale, Gorges de l'Ardèche

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