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Marseille is the Prefecture of the Bouches-du-Rhone department, is the oldest city in France, it was founded by Greek colonists from Phocaea there are over 2600 years. The long history of Marseille was eventful: Greek city, then Roman, Marseille has always wanted an independent, often resistant to central authority. Marseille is a great first port facing the Mediterranean Sea. Marseille is in a period of expansion and prosperity with the development of the French colonial empire, followed by a period of crisis with the end of settlements. Busy and cosmopolitan city, it offers visitors many opportunities for discovery. We admire a vast panorama of the city from Notre-Dame-de-la-Garde. Some neighborhoods retain their picturesque appearance: the Old Port, the Canebiere, the Vallon des Auffes, Cart, Estaque, the Joliette, the Prado beaches, creeks, an exceptional natural area on the outskirts of the city, the islands Friuli and the Chateau d'If.

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