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Bed and breakfast Calanques

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The Calanques

Calanques © VF Calanques © VF

Bed and Breakfast near the Calanques.
Between Marseille and Cassis, the Calanques form a striking landscape. Terrain is steep limestone hills, cliffs plunge into the blue sea that penetrates deep coves and creeks (creeks itself). The creeks best known are those of Morgiou of Sormiou or Sugiton. The massif itself peak 565 meters. The Calanques are a preserved, walking and hiking are the best way to discover them, as is practiced climbing. The Creeks also be visited by boat.

Le MarijasCharming Bed and breakfast

- Nearby: Aix en Provence, Sainte Baume, Cassis, Calanques

La Calade en ProvenceCharming Bed and breakfast

In the village of Saint Zacharie in the Massif de la Sainte Baume, the Provence of Marcel Pagnol, guest house with swimming pool, sauna, dinner gluten-free, under the sign of well-being - Nearby: Sainte Baume, Aix en Provence, Calanques, Cassis

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